Calculate Lost Opportunity Cost

It adds up, but because it's incremental many business owners forget that it exists. ComLogic identifies specific revenue draining data proceedures or equipment and provides cost saving solutions.

Studies reveal that a typical office employee spends 18.6 minutes per day dealing with a combination of junk e-mail, printer issues, restoring data, slow computers or re-booting computer equipment.  Use this handy tool to discover what you are losing in these "Soft Costs".

Average Hourly wage (including overhead) $
Minutes lost per day dealing with inferior data/computer equipment and configurations Minutes
Productivity Loss per Day $


Average Work Week

Productivity Loss per Week $


Weeks per Year   


Average Vacation (weeks)  


Average Sick Time (weeks)  


Holidays (weeks)  
Total Actual Work Weeks per Year Weeks
Productivity Loss per Year per Employee  $

Number of Employees

Total Productivity Loss per Year $

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