Give Us 1 Switch Port, 1 Hour to Install, and 1 Week of Traffic, and We'll Tell You What's Getting Past Your Firewall.

With security at the forefront of every IT leader's mind, it's easy to question whether or not your firewall is catching everything. With a detailed Executive Threat Report from just 1 week of traffic data, we can answer that question for you.

We are offering a risk-free demo of Dell SonicWALL through the end of August. All we need from you is 1 switch port, 1 hour to install, and 1 week of traffic data. This demo is a non-invasive, low-impact opportunity to validate your current firewall solution or discover security gaps that require attention.

Your complimentary Executive Threat Report could be just the validation you need to make an executive-level business case for your security priorities.

Risk-Free Dell SonicWALL Demo

Leverage your existing infrastructure.

Validate the effectiveness of your current firewall solution as well as Dell SonicWALL capabilities.

Discover gaps in your security through a report that details what applications and threats may be slipping past your existing security solution

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